Whether you’re a start-up looking to produce an animated video to showcase your product, or a global brand needing to produce a broadcast commercial, Baker Street Post can handle everything you need from start to finish.


To achieve spectacular results in motion graphics we combine design, animation, typography, characters, catchy music and other creative elements into a beautiful story. Motion graphics can also be used to enchance live action video. It's a complex and creative process and we're enjoying it a lot.


When you need a high-res print of your product or a neat animation for promo or cartoon-style commercial, our 3D-skills will come in handy. From photorealistic static images to abstract mind-blowing animation, we've got everything you need.


Color grading is one of the key elements of successful story. On this stage, you make sure that your film has a distinct colorful look and every shot matches to it. Color correction can immerse your audience in storytelling without them even knowing. We collaborate with some of the best colorists in business who will take your project to next level.


Special effects are widely used everywhere these days. Technology has advanced to make special effects more realistic and feasible for almost any budget. Using special effects and computer generated graphics we can simulate imagined events as if they were really happening right before our eyes. Blue screens and green screens are frequently used when creating special effects, and having the knowledge and experience to light these settings properly will match the effects with original or real life content.


They say a film is made in the editing room. This is where we shape our story, bringing together all the visual and audio elements into a beautiful art form delivering a message.

Creating characters and illustrations

Nothing can help your commercial or brand to be remembered more, than lively characters and colorful illustrations. Here at Baker Street we enjoy bringing our animated friends to life, so they can tell your story in the most interesting and cheerful way.


House. Home. So easy and familiar to everyone on a first glance yet so complicated when it comes to action. Our houses are not only the couple of bricks and roof above, fortunately. Lots of stuff like furniture, kitchenware, lighting and upholstery. All come in various colors and styles. What should you choose and how it’s gonna look at the end of construction story? Where to place that cozy sofa and how this washing machine will fit to your bathroom?
Another little question may pop out — “How this huge office center or modern shopping mall are going to look like, considering they don't even exist at all?”

That’s the moment for us to come and help you visualize these imaginable things, from private kitchens to vast city districts.